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Barbera Chess Club, an entity of continuous activity


Club Chess Barbera in 2002 celebrates 50 years of activity with a praiseworthy past, a solid present and a strong conviction of continuity.

Being one of the consolidated entities of the city, we reinforce the participatory life of Barberà with our activity for the dissemination of chess.

And this is possible thanks to the constant effort of many people who sell time, ideas, work, analysis and, above all, enthusiasm to offer Barberà citizens their work within a dynamic and plural entity.

The set of activities organized by the entity includes the sport, cultural and social side. In this sense, the participation and organization of sports and training tests, both at an individual level and in teams. Our main objective is to stimulate the social and cultural coexistence of the citizens of Barberà, and by means of chess, to enhance their participation.


The current CLUB D’ESCACS BARBERÀ was founded in 1952 to bring together chess fans from the Creu de Barberà district, at those moments located within the municipality of Barberà with the name of Club de Chess Cruz de Barberá, with the objective, as stated in the founding minutes, of promoting chess and participating in the competitions organized by the Catalan Chess Federation, while collaborating with other entities related to ours.

From the year 1953 until 1963, he participated in all the Championships of Catalonia by teams, with excellent results, coming to compete in the Second Provincial for several years.

In 1962 due to the character of the president of the entity, some of the best qualified players left to play at the C.A. Sabadell, cris that will become even more intense with the beginning of the year 1964.


In the middle of the year 1964, the surviving players of the old club, along with fans of the Barrio de la Cruz, at that time in the municipal district of Sabadell, and with the return of former players from other clubs, is They gather to re-group forces again and re-establish activities, creating new statutes and calling the entity from then the CREU Chess Club.

The refurbished club already participated in the same year in the Championship of Catalonia by teams, qualifying in Third, achieving promotion to Third Category C. Then as a summary, the rapid promotion and consolidation of the entity is exposed


Ascension to Third Category B


Campió de Tercera Categoria, ascens a Tercera A. Sub-campió Copa Catalana de Tercera Categoria


Es manté la Tercera Categoria A. Sub-campió Copa Catalana de Tercera Categoria


Campió Copa Catalana de Tercera Categoria


Ascens a Segona Provincial

Since the 1970/71 season, the B team is formed by the entity, beginning to play in the Classification Tournament, ascending to the Third Category at the 1970/71 Season. With the consolidation of team B, the first team stays very dignified in Second Provincial, renewing the composition of the boards with players trained in the quarry of B.


Team A: Champion of the Second Provincial Category, imbued: promotion to First Provincial. Semi-finalist at the Absolute Championship of Catalonia in the Second Category, tied with Olesa, and eliminated from accessing the final for the Dutch tie-break.

Team B: Third Category of Provincial Champion: promotion to Second Category.

In the period between 1970 and 1974 several School Championships were organized, mobilizing about 300 players, several of which became part of the Club, to the extent that for a few years a third team was created only formed by school children.



As a result of the Club being re-located within the municipal district of Barberà, the Board of Directors is addressed to the Municipal Sports Board, requesting support in order to improve the services of the members and at the same time the same fans of all Barberà . With this objective, and at the meeting of the Extraordinary General Meeting, it is transferred from the name of Club de Chess Cruz to Club de Chess Barberà by absolute majority.

Season 1982/83 team A is Sub-Provincial Champion of the Second Category and goes to First Provincial.

In spite of this success, the fact of not being able to secure enough worktops by the second equipment, caused that it was had to sacrifice equipment B, not being able to maintain the Third Category, and descending to Classification.

According to the secretary’s memory in 1982, at that time, we had the future expectation, as a result of the good understanding and the spirit of collaboration between the City Council, the Governing Board of the Cultural Center and the Board of the Club.

To complete our chronicle of these 50 years of history we must first remember the promotion of the first team, in the 2nd Division the season 89-90.

In the year 93 we reinforced our task of promoting chess with the internationalization of the OPEN of the Vallès.

The 93-94 season can be defined as one of the best in terms of sports results with the promotion to the First Division, being Barberà as of that one candidate year to obtain the promotion to Division of Honor, the maximum category of the Catalan Chess. In addition the Barbera “E” promotes 3rd provincial. With respect to the Catalan Cup the team “A1” is champion in 2ª Div, the “A2” you are champion, the B under champ to 2ª Prov. and the “E” champion to 3rd Provincial.


Barberà “Co” promotion to Second Provincial.


Barberà “B” Campió Catalunya 2nd Provincial and First Provincial ascent.

Barberà “A” Campió Copa Catalana 1ª Divisió.


Barberà “A” 1st Division Catalan Cup Champion. Fourth placed in the 1st Division.


Barberà “A” 1st Division Catalan Cup Champion.

Barberà “B” new promotion to First Provincial.


Barberà “Co” promotion to First Provincial.

Barberà “A” Sub-Campió Copa Catalana 1ª Divisió.

In recent years, C.E. Barberà made a good performance in the Catalan Cup where we have been champions 7 times and in 1999, sub-champions in 1st Division., A good balance of titles.

List of presidents of the entity:


Santiago Torregrosa


Joan Martinez


Josep Urpinell


Esteve Dalmau


Isidre Gabau


Ramón Barris Carrera

1985 to present

Víctor Pont i Maria



Chess: Training in every way.

At the moment nobody doubts the pedagogical content of the chess for the education of the boys and girls, and its beneficial character from the psychological and formative point of view and allow to develop a good sense of the observation, a great capacity of concentration, a ferret self-control, and large mental agility reservations. Young players when they play a game. they learn to identify their goals, to give them just importance, to plan the logical games, affecting favorably in the school performance

Chess facilitates the understanding of instrumental matters, develops various aptitudes and encourages practitioners to extraversion, as well as a critical attitude towards oneself (the child is forced to recognize his own mistakes). Chess also helps to cultivate their own character, as they force them to take objective attitudes.

And the smallest learn to orient themselves in a plan by moving the pieces, discovering the shapes, the distances, the sizes, the difference between vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

Our Chess School is an introduction within our sport. The basic fundamentals of chess are taught through theory and practice at the same time.

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